Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello everyone!! So, first to start off with this week. I do not have a lot of time so I will try to do as much as I can!
This week was wonderful. I don't have my old planner on me anymore, so I will just put down as much as I can remember!! Thursday we spent the entire day in downtown Seattle, contacting and getting in touch with Less-Actives. Sister Wawro and I then taught English class my last time to the Chinese Students :( Every time I go into downtown I am struck by the beauty and it reinforces how much I love to be in the city. I love it so much! I feel so blessed to have been able to serve in an Area that covered all of the University District and all of downtown. We went to Pike's Place market every week for Preparation Day, and I love being by the water. Seattle is so wonderful!! I miss it already.
Friday we went to a dinner the Institute gives for the University of Washington students called Friday Friendship Feast. It is only $2.50 for a home-made meal, and these students love it! While I was there, I was able to have a really good conversation with a girl from Salt Lake City, who did not want to belong to the Church anymore. She had some issues with how she perceived women were treated in the Church, and I was able to share personal experiences of the joy of being a member. After that we had a lesson with Serafina, one of the Chinese students we are teaching. My mandarin is no-where up to par, but at least I can converse in a few short phrases!! It was Halloween, and so we were supposed to be in our apartment by 5pm. A member had wanted to feed us that night, so we got permission instead to go to their house and spend the night doing missionary work! The rules in this mission are if you want to feed the missionaries on Tues-Sat, you need to have a non-member present. Michelle and Krista really wanted to feed us because they would be gone on Sunday and not able to say goodbye to Sister Imai, and to celebrate Sister Wawro's birthday. So, Michelle rounded up some friends, and we had dinner with everyone at a burger place. 
After the dinner, we all went to Michelle and Krista's house to talk. What we were doing, is that SIster Wawro and I heard an idea from a missionary who had served in the New York Mission about having dinner with members with non-members present, and then after dinner practice teaching the member the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel. It was very successful, and it was such a great idea! We tried it out, and it went so well. The Spirit was very strong as we testified about the Gospel blessing families. The Spirit was practically tangible!
not a lot of time, so I will write these in note form. 

Saturday was another downtown Seattle day but had a miracle in the form of Amber. We walked into a dry-cleaners to ask directions, met and talked with Amber about the Gospel for an hour and a half. She wants to learn more!! The rest of the day was a little bit sad because we kept on missing the bus- but we survived :)
Sunday was such a beautiful day. I just loved being in the Seattle YSA 2nd Ward!! Sister Imai, my Japanese companion has a special connection with this Area. She was trained here, and has served over a year in this ward. The testimonies were given by her converts and those she had reactivated. She is such a powerful missionary! She bore a sweet and pure testimony of the gospel that touched everyone's hearts. After Church we had a "Linger Longer" break the fast potluck, and it was so fun to be able to see all of the students for the last time (I did not know then I was being transferred, but still. It was great!) Then, Brother and Sister Tahmoresi (2nd counselor in the Bishopric) had us over for dinner and made us "hot-pot". It was so delicious! I really, really like Asian food. I am so lucky I was shown the ropes by my Japanese companion, and now I can (kind of) do it myself!

Monday- It was Sister Wawro's birthday and Sister Imai's last day so I surprised them with Crepes for breakfast. I made Sister Wawro a crepe cake! It was fun. Then, we had an interesting time street contacting because this guy who was really anti-mormon started to bash with Sister Wawro and Sister Imai, but they were able to end it peaceably. Then, we went for a meeting with Sierra, one of my favorite people! She joined the Church in April and has such an incredible testimony. She constantly inspires me! Then, we met with another one of my favorite people- Makaela! We had such a wonderful experience teaching her the Restoration (finally!) and agreed that when she recognized her answer for if this Church is true, she will be baptized on Nov 29th! I loved being able to set a date with her on my last night! Right after we finished the closing prayer, about twenty people burst into the library at the Institute and started to sing happy birthday to Sister Wawro. The Elders in our Ward created a surprise birthday party for her, and it was such a sweet thought! After eating a little cake, we had a lesson with Serafina again, and she surprised us with bringing Chinese food! It was very delicious- she is an incredible cook! I feel so blessed to have been able to have such a fantastic last day in that Area.
Later that night was Transfer calls, and I thought that I would be staying because I only have six weeks left but the Lord wants me somewhere else! I will admit I shed a tear or two. I really, really love the SYSA 2nd Ward. I know though that it is meant to be, and so I started preparing to leave. I called the people I am teaching to let them know, and it was the saddest thing! It broke my heart! They are just so close and precious to me! I love so many people here, and it has only been six weeks. Not long enough! I just need to serve my mission for forever!

Tuesday- today!! We were sending off Sister Imai since she left this morning at 6:30 AM. We had to get up early and get all ready, drive to Mercer Island, drop her off, drive back to pick up my bags, and then drive to Bellevue for Transfer Meeting. We had a little bit of time though in between getting back to my Area and having to leave for Bellevue, so Makaela and Sierra stopped by and said goobye. UGH! So hard. I love them so dearly!!
After we got to the transfer meeting, it was really hard to say goodbye to Sister Wawro. We are really good friends, but I know it had to end eventually! Either by transfers, or for her getting her visa to Taiwan.
Now, I am assigned to labor in.... Sno..loquemie? Snoqualmie Falls :) The guy next to me just helped me out with spelling! I am out in the boonies again, but it is BEAUTIFUL here. I love it! The mountains are huge, but it is really cold! My new companion is Sister Sim from Korea, and she is so enthusiastic! We are ready to take on the world, and help this Area bear fruit.
ON our way back, we got lost- it is a bummer we did not have a GPS! The signs are not well posted here in Washington.
Also on our way back, we stopped by the Falls and they are gorgeous! I loved it! I took pictures but no time to upload, I will send them next week.

I love you all, have a great week~!!

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