All About Me

Here are the basics of my life-

#1 Hometown

I grew up in Sacramento, California. 
Nor-Cal all the way baby!

 I loved growing up there and would not trade that experience for anything. 

                                                                     #2 Where am I now?

My family moved to Provo my freshman year of high school and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go to Timpview High School.  Even though I am a Cali-girl at heart, I have grown to love Utah.

#3 School

I am currently a Sophomore at Brigham Young University (BYU).  BYU is a private school that is sponsored by the LDS church. In order to attend BYU,  all students must sign an "Honor Code", which includes rules like academic honesty, refraining from alcohol and drugs, and maintaining a clean appearance. As a result, BYU is the #1 Stone-Cold Sober School in the US!  I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to go to school with others that have similar standards, and receive a high quality education.

          #4 Water Polo

I love to swim and play water polo- it is my thing, my sport, my life. I am never as happy as I am when I am in the water!

This is the team from my rookie year aka the year when I fell in love with the sport!

#5 Outdoors
I love being in the outdoors! Anything hiking, biking, rafting, canoeing, I just love it!

This is one of my favorite places to hike in Utah, Bridal Veil Falls. So beautiful!

This is a family picture of my siblings and I from when we went hiking at Provo Falls.
(hint, I am the one brunette ;)

#6 American Sign Language

The elementary school I went to was the magnet school for any deaf and hard of hearing kids in the Sacramento Area, and so I learned sign language when I was very young. I love it, and am so grateful for that experience- especially since now I am called on a mission speaking ASL!

#7 Germany

 I just love Germany, and my German family! I was able to go on a student exchange to Meissen, Germany and want to be able to return soon :)

Ich liebe dich Julia, Papa, Maja und Mutti!

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