Opening My Call

Well, the whole "putting in my papers thing" was a bit intense for me. I had been wanting to put in my papers as soon as I could, but there was some miscommunication on how early I could put them in. Then, my younger brother passed away, and my life was all crazy. So I finally put my papers in around late February and eagerly anticipated my mission call.

The week that my mission call was supposed to come, everyone kept on asking me how I felt. I simply kept my cool and replied

But let's be real, I did! I just did not want to get toooooo excited ;)

On Thursday, it came! My mailman came and hand-delivered it to my door.

The moment had come!

Postman: "Hello, is uhm, Jessica (my other roommate) there?"
Me: looking at his hand and seeing my call, "Uh.... no" with my eyes glued to the large white envelope.
Postman: "Well I guess I should be going... Just kidding sweetheart, here it is"

I was so excited that I can't even remember if I was able to squeeze out a simple 'thank you' to him!

Needless to day the next few hours were the longest in my life. Seriously, life just creeped by. I waited for everyone to get home from work and school so I could open it with my whole family there.

Finally, the moment came!

(In reference to what I said at the end of the video, I know German and used to be fluent in ASL. However I have not practiced ASL in years so a call to preach in ASL was not what I expected)

Well, it was certainly a shock! Nauvoo?!  I have never been there, but I am excited to be able to go there and serve the Lord.

It is official!
I have been called to serve in the Illinois, Nauvoo Mission, ASL Speaking and I could not be happier!

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