Sunday, September 1, 2013

This week has been wonderful! I
For an update on my investigator Andrew, he committed to baptism on Thursday! I am so happy for him, and I love teaching him. It has been a blessing in my life to see him grow and progress.
On Saturday I did Nauvoo on the Road, which is when missionaries from Nauvoo take a trailer filled with Pioneer games, brick-setting supplies and rope-making machine and head out to local town fairs. It is so fun to play with the little kids, and I have gotten quite good at being on stilts in a Pioneer Dress. Yes, I wear that when I do the historical sites, and yes, it is quite comfortable ;) Well, it was awesome to be in little Mediapolis, Iowa and tell people about Nauvoo! We try to let people know about us so they will come and visit, and it was great. All in all it was a very fun and uplifting day!
On Sunday I served in the Brigham Young Home. I loved learning about Brigham Young, and to be able to bring the Spirit and bear my own testimony in the tour. My favorite part is in the kitchen. It is fairly normal for the time, no real stories, but there are plates that were Brigham Young's while he was here in Nauvoo. Some were broken because they were thrown out when they were hurriedly leaving Nauvoo. When they were found in the early 60's, some people thought that they were too far gone. Who could put back all of these tiny little pieces together? Then, in the nineties, there was a missionary called here who was an archeologist who specialized in pottery restoration. He was able to put them all back together, and they truly are beautiful. It took the hand of a master to put those things to their original Perfection. It reminded me of the Atonement. We can be bruised, broken, and even left out. No one can care about us. People can make judgements and think that we are too far gone to help. However, with the touch of the Master's hand, we can be healed. I know that he has healed me in my life, and I continually am grateful for the healing power of the Atonement.
Tuesday I was assigned to the Pioneer Pastimes site, which is all of these Pioneer games and dress-up clothes for children. You normally sit outside, play with the kids, and clean up after them. Unfortunately, it was REALLY slow on tuesday, and not a single person came to Pioneer Pastimes. In addition to that, it was just under 100 degrees and humid. Most people would complain, but I think there were a lot of blessings. Sure, we literally sat around and did nothing, but we were obedient. We did not leave, try to be in a place with air conditioning, we were there if anyone needed us. We were able to have rocking chairs, and sit under the shade of a big tree. Also, occasionally a strong wind would blow, and it was refreshing. Altogether, it was a very relaxing day. I mean who gets a truly restful day on their mission?! Not most people! Also, the sweet seniors were concerned of our well-being, and Elder Jardine brought us Gatorade, and Sister Germer brought us ice cream! I felt kind of bad because it really was not that bad, but I was grateful for their thoughtfulness. I am definitely taken care of here in Nauvoo!
On Wednesday, we had an opportunity for service! We helped an investigator named Erika paint her trailer that she is moving into with her three year old daughter, Lexi. That little girl is just the cutest thing. We were painting the girl's room this deep hot pink, and she of course wanted to help! I would give her jobs to dip my paintbrush in the paint, and to grab paper towels. She was a great little helper and much to her mother's chagrin, loved putting pink paint on her legs and dark curly hair. After painting we helped clean out their fridge. There were some colonies of mold that I am positive have not been discovered by modern medicine, but it was pretty interesting to try to clean that while having a three year old climb all over you. As missionaries we are not allowed to hold or pick up kids, but hey, I'm not going to stop her if she literally climbs up my leg, onto my back and swings from my arm. That little monkey is so adorable!
That's been it this week from Nauvoo!

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