Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello! So this past few days have been great, and the reason why I am emailing on a Tuesday is because we had transfers this week! I have been so grateful to be with Sister Dransfield, and she is just the best. I have learned a lot from her, and am glad that I can still see her around! I am attaching a picture of us :) This picture was taken the last night of Pageant, and it was such a great night since we got to watch it again!
So now, I am with Sister Richardson. Sister Richardson is another ASL sister, so we get to have language study! Yahoo! She is a fun-lovin' girl who has a passion for missionary work. It is so great to be around her, and I am so happy to be her companion! 
So since yesterday was transfers, today was our Preparation Day for this week. I am not sure if it will be the same next week... but just in case try to email me before then :)
Something that is exciting is that we moved into a new house! Before I lived in the Hatch House, which is a Historical Home up in the "newer" part of Nauvoo. I was in the basement with Sister Dransfield, and six other companionships lived in the same house. There was also four companionships serving in Carthage, and lived in a house over there. However, because the busy season is over, everyone is coming back to Nauvoo! So they switched everyone up, and we are using the Hatch House and the Cambrie House. I got put into the Cambrie House with Sister Richardson. We did get the smallest room and closet (which is an issue because we both have the biggest wardrobes out of all of the sisters) but the house is HUGE!  We have our own piano, a living room, and two stove tops for only seven girls!  I mean we are living the dream!

So to initiate our transfer and to have some companionship bonding, we went Geode hunting!  A Geode is a rock that looks plain on the outside, but there are crystals on the inside. We figured it could count for our morning exercise since we would be hiking all over creation, so at 6:30 am we headed out. We heard that there were a few by the river that is right by the hand-cart trail. We followed that trail for over an hour, went a bit too far, and then came back. The whole way we were scaring the cows and having fun. We found a few Geodes, and put them in our bag. We only had a little time left, so we actually blazed a new trail and made it back in fifteen minutes. It was a lot of fun!

We had to get up early though so I look a bit tired :)

This is the area we walked through, and we found the rocks at the bottom of a river. You can always tell where there is water in Illinois or Iowa, because there are trees and greenery and not just dead brush.
As far as spiritual matters go, I have been really focusing on knowing the scriptures more. I have created quite a few flashcards of applicable and meaningful scripture in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. This week, we are starting a program called Angels in the Outfield. We go to different Senior Missionary's houses and teach! They pretend to be people who are investigators, or do not know a lot about our religion. We teach them, and have about two appointments each night. It is great practice for our Outbound Assignment, and I am excited for it!
Well, that's all for now talk to you all soon!

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