Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello from Nauvoo! This is the last time I can email before I get sent to Pocatello, which is kind of weird to think about, but this week has been pretty great!

Last Monday, was pretty busy here in Nauvoo! It was part of this event called "Habeas Corpus and the Courts: Individual Liberties from Joseph Smith to Abraham Lincoln to Guantanamo". Most of it was about the Extradition Attempts with Joseph Smith. It's this huge thing that is going on for two months, and they had these presentations going on about Joseph Smith's Nauvoo throughout Historical Nauvoo all day Monday! It was my companion and my's Preparation Day, so we got to go around to all of the presentations and listen to what all of these scholars had to say. I loved  "Joseph Smith's Run for Presidency" which was at the Brigham Young House, "The Missouri Extradition Attempts and Joseph Smith and the Constitution" at the Cultural Hall, and "Opposition to Mormonism in Mid-Ninteenth Century America" which was held on the Nauvoo Temple Grounds. The one at the temple was by my friend Tanne's dad, Judge Griffith. Everything was really interesting, and now I feel like a Nauvoo-expert! That night I greeted for the main event, which was Elder Dallin H. Oaks's presentation about Joseph Smith. Most of these people that came were lawyers from Chicago, and it was really cool to meet them. After the presentation, I was pretty much a waiter for the refreshments, and got to joke around with the Utah Governor's Bodyguards. They were really fun! There was an event going on that next day in Springfield, Illinois but we could not go to it. Luckily, Sister Murray, who is super awesome, ( I call her "My Canadian") was able to go down and she told me all about it later that week. I don't know what I would do without my senior missionaries!

On Tuesday I worked in the Post Office, which was kind of slow, but enjoyable because I got to teach all of these cute kids some hand games.
On Wednesday I just seemed to be getting all of these Chats from the UK! 
On Friday I met Daryl and Chrissy, this couple who is moving from St. Louis to Colorado. It was great to talk with him about the church, and I will continue teaching them over the phone.

On Saturday I went to Nauvoo on the Road with Sister Munro in Burlington. It was filled with helping kids on stilts, and roaming around the Fair. After a few hours though it started to rain pretty hard, so most of the people went home. After we had packed up our stuff, we still had a few minutes while one of the men was finishing something up, so I ended up re-enacting the 'Singing in the Rain" scene, complete with lamp post, while in a Pioneer dress. I even grabbed a Sister's umbrella and did my variation of tap-dancing on a curb. Quite a few people got a kick out of it, and I had a blast!

The Relief Society Broadcast was wonderful, and I am excited for conference! I will email you in two weeks from Idaho!
Love ya!

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