Sunday, December 8, 2013

This week started off with a rehearsal for a Christmas Fireside that we (the local missionaries) are putting on. I think it really should be called, "See-what-musical-number-you-can-pull-together-in-an-hour", and then surprise, you will perform it in a week. It all started with the Sister Training Leaders saying, "So for vocal soloists, we have Sister Allred...." . It's a good thing that I was not drinking water at the time because I might have sprayed the STL's with a bottle's worth of water!  I quickly raised my hand and tried to correct the situation, but I was not able to get all the way out of my predicament. Apparently someone in my district or my old companion plotted to have me sing a solo after hearing me sing. It is utterly terrible since I am not comfortable singing in front of people I don't know. The biggest stage I've been on was the Roll-up Cafe at 2 AM with Joe Mora plucking at the ukulele while we sang, "Stand By Me", and even that was a push for me. I still have to sing, but luckily it is a trio. We are singing a version of "The First Noel", and I have a solo part, and man, I am just getting nervous thinking about it! I am not really one to have stage-fright; tell me to give a talk in Church or give a speech in front of anyone and I am fine. Tell me to play the piano, sure a little more uncomfortable but I can do it. Sing?! Nuh uh. But alas, here I am, having to sing a Christmas song, in the middle of Idaho in December. At least it will make for a good story if I mess up right? Another musical number that I am doing for that fireside is something that I am comfortable doing, which is to sign the song, "His Hands", while another Sister Missionary will be singing it as a solo. I will be on one side of the podium, while my companion who also can sign will be on the other. My finger has been healing pretty well so I should be able to go without tape for that night. Wish me luck!

This week has been wonderful for service opportunities! We have been praying to find more opportunities to serve and make a presence in the community; this week our prayers have been answered!  

On Thanksgiving day, we were able to do service on a local dairy farm in Rigby. It turns out that my companion Sister Blankenship actually knows them, so we went and helped feed the calves and shovel feed into feed sacks. When the morning chores were done, I went in and actually helped "Grandma Morgan", the lady who owns the farm sew a quilt. She has a lot of arthritis in her hands so I sewed the fabric together and then laid/stretched it all out according to her directions. I was able to tie a good amount of the quilt too before I left, and I really enjoyed my day there! When I was there I was starting to not feel well, which I thought might be my allergies. In case you don't know, I am pretty much allergic to anything that grows or walks, with the exception of humans and dogs. I was doing a little poorly, but we got to the house where we were going to have dinner. All the sudden I was not good at all, and spent the rest of the night on their love-seat underneath their comforter. Turns out I contracted a 48-hr flu/cold thing that came in waves. That night I had a fever and chills, but I was so well-taken care of. We spent Thanksgiving with the family we are teaching, and their kids are just so cute. Porter, the little three year old kept on bringing over medicine to me to try to help me feel better. Lilly the five year old just wanted to be right by me the whole time, and snuggle. I didn't want her to get sick but Brenda just shrugged and said, "Missionaries aren't contagious" so Lilly continued to be my little buddy and fell asleep after a while. Molly and Grace, the older girls practically waited on me, getting me water and any other thing I needed. There are really some great people here in Rigby! I am so grateful to them. My Thanksgiving didn't turn out how I thought it would, but it was the best Thanksgiving I could have had!

That next day I woke up feeling a little bit better, so we went and helped out at a funeral. Then, Hannah Harper came and visited me!!!! That was so great to see her and to go out to lunch for a little bit. It was so fun, and a good break when I wasn't feeling well. Then, when we got home my companion started to get a fever and chills, and I started to not feel well either, so we continued on being sick. Luckily the illness was only a two-day thing, but because Sister Blankenship was a day behind me it turned into three days. 

Saturday was great- we painted, and did yard-work for a non-member, and I got to go to lunch with Sister Marilyn Bird! I absolutely adore her, and it was so fun to see my old piano teacher. This week really has been a blessing because even though we got sick, we were able to still teach a few lessons (13) and do service, and see some old friends! I just love serving here in Idaho :)

The one thing though that is going to take some getting used to is the wind. I have never before heard the wind howl without it not being a storm. It is a bit unnerving sometimes. Last night was the first night, and we were walking down a dark street. Rigby is not a very well lit area, so walking alone down a dark narrow street happens more often then you would think it would in Idaho. So we are walking down, and we heard sounds like screaming children, and it was so faint we thought it might be from one of the houses. Then it gets louder and louder, and you hear the leaves rustling behind you from the wind, and you are just creeped out! We ended up running to and from our appointments last night :) 

One family that I am really enjoying teaching are Navajo. They are ridiculously talented with anything artistic. They can draw very well, and also are very skilled in traditional Navajo beading. They can take the tiniest beads and create these beautiful works of art that have very intricate patterns. We are trying to catch a time to teach them, and it turns out I might learn how to do that bead-work while we are teaching! Oh the cool things you learn on your mission.

I look forward to working hard this week and making you guys proud! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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