Thursday, January 23, 2014

This week has been very productive for BYU-Idaho's Campus! Since I was transferred here, I noticed that people do not know that there are missionaries for BYU-Idaho and that there are non-member students. As a result, we end up only getting about 15 referrals out of the 100 non-members that go here. We cannot get the names and addresses of the non-member student due to Federal Law (understandable) so we need more help from the members. It is really wonderful though, because out of those 15 referrals we end up teaching about 10-12 of them. When we find these wonderful students, they are prepared! We just need to get the word out so we can teach!

So with this knowledge that people are not aware that we are here, I saw the immediate answer to our problem: Publicity! Right up my alley :) On Thursday, we dedicated a few hours to walking around Campus and talking with various Department Heads and Administrators. The only thing that currently exists for Missionaries on Campus is a Referral Booth in the Manwearing Center (MC) for three hours on Friday. So instead of just one day a week, we will be running the Referral Booth at lunch-time on Wednesdays and Fridays (the busiest days of the week for BYU-I). Also I found out that we can get a TV set up for us, so now we will have that set up and displaying Mormon Messages. We also needed something that people can recognize as the Missionaries on Campus, so right now the plan is to have a black Missionary name-tag with the word "Missionaries" on it, followed by "on Campus!" I know, pretty original ;) Unfortunately my creative well has dried up on the mission, so that's about as good as it is going to get! At the bottom of this image we will tell people how they can contact us if they are interested or have a friend that might want to be taught by us. Luckily we found a Graphic Design Student that will help us with the graphic, will get us and Ad in the University Newspaper "The Scroll", and create a video about daily Missionary life. We love how helpful people are here in Idaho! We also have plans to have that Missionary graphic on posters around campus, displayed as an Ad on the Campus TV, a big banner behind the booth, and even business cards for us to hand out :)  I am so excited that I can be useful here! I love doing this type of stuff, and I am anxious to see the results from it. 

We have set up an appointment to work with the Head of University Communications to approve our plans this next Thursday, and hopefully it will be fruitful!

 Funny Moment:  I have found that my Mission will never cease to be amusing, my assignments are just so different than normal! When I was in Nauvoo people would ask me if this was a real Mission (of course!) and now that I am on BYU-Idaho Campus, students come up to us and ask if we are being disobedient by hanging out here. It's pretty amusing to see their faces when we tell them that there are actually two sets of missionaries assigned to work here! 

Hopefully our efforts will result in more referrals and teaching/baptizing more students at BYU-Idaho! 

This past Sunday, Sister Woods and I were fasting with the intention of being able to find more investigators on Campus. Since we ended our fast, we have been receiving multiple phone calls about non-member students who want to be baptized! Miracles do happen! As a result we have been able to set a baptismal date and we have a baptism for a student on Campus this Friday.

I hope you are all doing well! Love you!

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