Sunday, March 9, 2014

This week has certainly been busy! On Tuesday we had Zone Conference where the Yellowstone, Rexburg, Rigby and Ammon Zones came up to Rexburg and received training. Or gave training too! It was a little bit stressful because a few days before the Conference President Brinkerhoff called us and asked if we could give a 15 minute training on Lessons with Members that are Present, and then Sister Brinkerhoff (Mission President's wife) called us up and asked if we could give another training on Companionships, and then if I would be able to lead three songs and play a song on the Organ. AH! It was very stressful in the days leading up to Tuesday, but it turned out well. At the end of the Conference after everyone left, Sister Woods and I just sat there exhausted and President turned to us and laughed! He asked us if we wanted to become his Assistants and we both said at the same time "No!" I cannot imagine how those two Elders that are the Assistants to the President do it all the time!

This week we have taught a lot, and went on a few Exchanges. I went with Sister Poore, who is assigned to Ammon, and it was the craziest day! So she was born on the same day as me, but just an hour later in the Sutter Memorial Hospital instead of Mercy San Juan. Then, we have similar interests, play the piano, swam in High School, went to BYU, like the same foods, and her parents are now living in the Del Campo Ward in the Carmichael Stake! We joked the whole day about how we are essentially the same person. We even have the same laundry bag! It was the craziest thing to find all of the things in our life that are the same. 

Normally with Exchanges in this Mission, the Sister Training Leader or Zone Leader goes to the missionary's house the night before, and then exchange back the next night, but we do it morning to morning. It works out better for us, and the Sisters tend to trust us more because they have had a full day with us instead of just someone showing up at their door and sleeping in their companion's bed. So that morning I went to Ammon, and then we went and taught someone who...... (it's kind of complicated) but she was the wife of one of the grandchildren of one of the Senior couples I loved and adored in Nauvoo! The world is a small place :) Later that afternoon we went around knocking on doors, and we rode bikes! It was the first time I rode a bike to do missionary work, and it was a blast. I wish I had a picture, but you will just have to trust me that the sun was shining, the wind was not blowing and it was a beautiful day to ride a bike in Ammon, Idaho! 

The rest of the week went really well, and I have grown to appreciate my companion so much. This may sound a little bad but I went on an Exchange later in the week and I just was thinking the entire time we were teaching, "I wish Sister Woods was here!" Let's just say some Sister Missionaries are a little crazy. Anyways, it turns out Sister Woods had a similar experience that same day and we came back together and just talked for an hour about what we love about each other! I feel so blessed to have her as a companion because she is amazing!

 I personally have felt the Lord's hand in little ways in my life. I have tried to follow every small prompting that I receive, but the difficult part is that sometimes I don't realize that it is a prompting if it is a small thought. I can definitely recognize strong, powerful feelings, but when it is a small but persistent thought it sometimes takes a few minutes for me to recognize that it is from the Holy Ghost. An example of this was on Friday we were driving around Rexburg contacting some referrals. On route to contacting one student, I felt like we should specifically stop by one of the married student apartments. I had a name for that list, but was planning on contacting it later that night. Again, that small persistent idea came into my mind, and I recognized that I was being lead so we contacted him. It turned out that the man we saw actually had a musical performance he had to go to in ten minutes, but was excited to meet us and set a return appointment for the next week. We would not have caught him if we had been a few minutes later, so I have created a personal goal of heeding every single prompting, no matter how small! 

I love working in Rexburg and being with Sister Woods! It is sad to think that I leave Rexburg in three weeks, and I wish I could be in Idaho for a little bit longer! I mean I love Nauvoo too, but I guess I just wish I could just be at two places at the same time. :)

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