Monday, April 7, 2014

So I thought it might be worth it to give an official account of my last days here so you can keep track:
Wednesday: Iona/Ammon, helping new STL's whitewash an area (hna. henao from SLC and Hns. Pennock from San Diego)
Thursday: Rigby with spanish Sisters( Hna. Beltran and Castellanos, from Sinaloa and then Mexico City, Mexico)
Friday: Morning- Driggs, (Hna. Rodriguez from Domincan Republic and Hna. Barrus from texas)Comp Inventory, Evening- in Ammon with Sisters Poor from Fair Oaks!!! and she is training Sister Ikimau, who has been out for three days! she is from New Zealand
Saturday: jacob's baptism with the Iona STL's and then in Iona with sisters Zhang (mainland China) who is training Sister Brown (ethnically Samoan but from Sydney, Australia)
Sunday: In Ammon with Sisters Gale (Chandler, AZ) and Hervoyavich (Las Vegas, NV)
Today: In Idaho Falls with Sister Collins from Samoa and then Sister Kirati from Kirabes (small island?)
It is just fantastic!

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