Monday, July 7, 2014

This week has been great! I have had quite a few wonderful experiences on the Visitor's Center Floor this past week. I continually feel blessed for the opportunity to serve in a Visitor's Center. I love being able to have the resources to have powerful lessons and to be able to invite others to come to Christ in such an effective way! One of my past experiences this week was with a Youth Conference Group. Well, this entire week we have had over 20 youth groups, each of about 200-500 kids come in, but the one that I really connected with was from Henderson, Nevada.

I love being able to teach Youth Groups, because the Youth are at a time in their lives where they are making a lot of decisions, and they need to be converted to the Gospel. A lot of times they can be pretty open, and will follow through on commitments that are given to them. One of the past examples was Friday, when I was able to teach a group of three boys. I asked them what they were doing now to prepare for their Missions. Often, I get the responses of Seminary, and going to church, but I kindly tell them that those alone are not enough. Those are things that every teenager should do, but future missionaries need to go an extra mile and study Preach My Gospel. I talked to these boys, and felt that they each had hit a rut, and were just going through the motions. After discussing studying Preach My Gospel, and how they could be missionaries now, they all left with smiles on their faces, and a new sense of enthusiasm. I love it! Also, how as part of my job as a Visitor Center Sister, I get to call them and follow-up with their commitments. I am looking forward to it, and encouraging them to keep commitments and to make goals that will help in the refining process that Heavenly Father has planned for them.
I just truly have a passion for helping the youth. They are so much fun, and I feel like I can connect with them out of most age groups.
Well, then there is the down-side to Youth Groups. Mainly, being that this past week has almost been a "let's-flirt-with-the-sister-missionaries-week!" Seriously though, some of these 18-year olds are just plain bold! This is how one conversation went after the little getting to know you, normal beginning of conversation

Boy: So, are you one of those 19 year old missionaries?
Me: Well I used to be, but now I am 20.
Boy: Huh, 20, well that's only two years older than me ya know
Me: (feeling slightly awkward) Well that's great! So you are 18, have you thought about serving a mission before? You are old enough to go!
Boy: Well ya, but (while stretching out his arms, I think he was trying to show off his muscles. Not quite sure) you know I have a lot going on, I have a football scholarship.... (proceeds to brag about all of his accomplishments and trying to get closer and closer to me while I am edging away).... So, what is your first name?
Me: Does it really matter?
Boy: Well how am I going to email you if I don't have your first name?
Me: (feeling so awkward I cannot even handle it) .... bye! 
and I just walked away. That's how quite a few conversations have gone this week.
Then, one of my personal favorites with a 15 year old wearing an EFY backpack, and his parents are close by talking to one of the Senior missionaries
Me: So, what was your favorite part of this last week at EFY?
Boy: Coming here to see you *wink
Me: Uhhhhhhh.....
Boy's Mom: Did you just say what I thought you just said? Oh nuh uh, boy you don't disrespect sisters...... (proceeds to lecture child while I just awkwardly stand there. It was pretty funny though!)

I have come to the conclusion that I am completely awkward in situations like that. I have no idea even how to handle it anymore!

Well, this week is pretty awesome because it is the start of the British Pageant and the Nauvoo Pageant! I personally am more excited about the British Pageant because.....
So, at the end of the British Pageant, they have local missionaries come up onto the stage, and sing the last song with them, and then go out into the audience and talk to people about missionary work. I am so excited, because I get to be one of the missionaries! I will try to take pictures and send them to you guys. Also, I love the core cast of the British Pageant with their thick accents. It is so fun to be here in Nauvoo! Now because of the Pageant it means that no one will get to bed before midnight..... (very late for missionaries!) but I think President Gibbons is going to allow us to sleep in a little bit so we don't have to wake up at 6:30 AM still.

Fun note on this last week: The Black family from the Rexburg South Stake came to visit me! They are just the best, Brother Black was the High Councilman over Missionary Work, and his family is just the cutest. They have a daughter on a mission right now, and it was so great to talk to them and hear how my old investigators are doing.

Well, I hope that you all are doing great! I love you all!

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