Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello everyone!!!

This week has been great! I have come to gain a testimony that whenever we push ourselves beyond our normal capabilities, we see miracles. This happened three times this week.

The first happened on my first Exchange this week. Sister Wawro had the flu on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Wednesday Sister Brooksby was not feeling well either so I went with Sister Argo and covered her Area's and my Area's appointments. I loved it! We started off in my Area, consulting with a member about the best possible way to do a booth on Red Square. In addition to the fact that he used this same finding tool in his mission in Baltimore, he is now a professional in the Advertising field and had some wonderful insight. After that appointment, we went to their Area to cover a few of their appointments. One of my favorite was with a woman named Dorcas. Sister Argo said that this was a Potential Investigator, and that this would be a casual visit to try to peak her interest in the Book of Mormon. I felt ok with that idea, and before we went to the house we said a prayer in the car. As I prayed for the Spirit to be with us and to be able to teach Dorcas with power and authority, I felt electrified and knew that this would not be the type of appointment we originally thought it would be. We talked with Dorcas for a little bit, and after having an opening prayer we could sense that she was open to more. We ended up teaching Dorcas about the restoration of the Gospel, and she was open and interested. She still did have some doubts because she was a very active Seventh Day Adventist, but she was willing to try to read it. We were about to wrap up, when the Spirit told me that I knew I should invite her to be baptized. I invited her, and she said that when she knew it was true that she would be! It was such a great experience, and I know we had that opportunity because the Lord recognized our efforts. Later on in the day, we were able to make all of our other appointments and had fun with the Spirit.

I am personally not a fan of shots. I had a bad experience when I was younger, and I tried to get over my aversion to needles in college by donating blood, but when I get out of the habit it becomes hard again.  Flu shots are definitely not my favorite either. However, it was a rule in this mission that everyone had to get one, and I tried to be the happiest I could be. The only way people could tell was when I was getting it done, Sister Choi, the Mission President's wife looked at me and said, "Well Sister Allred! You look grumpy!" To say the least I was not pleased, but I persevered. What happened was later, because we had to wait in line at the Church with all of the other missionaries and then get stuck in an hour and a half of traffic, by the time we got home Sister Wawro and I both felt ill. She recovered faster than I did, but even after the lunch hour was over I still felt very, very nauseous. Sister Imai was worried and so she called the mission nurse and told me that we would be staying inside. Then, something in my mind clicked and I remembered President CHoi telling a story from his mission when he was sick, and still went out and the Lord blessed him. I said a quick prayer, and I felt if I did the same we would be blessed. So, we headed outside and I was still not well, but Sister Imai ran into a young man who was walking by at that very moment, and he is now a new investigator! I knew that there was a blessing from obedience, and it was pretty instant. Even though I did not really feel better until many hours later, I knew that the Lord recognized our sacrifice and wanted to bless us.

This Sunday was a Member Missionary Fireside, and all of the missionaries had to learn music and be in the choir. I was sitting in the back when again, I did not feel well. I was really nervous, but did not want to leave. Then, the ASL Elders came up and asked if I could help interpret that meeting. I was a bit hesitant because I was not feeling well, but I wanted to serve so I did. IT WAS WONDERFUL! I loved it so much. My nausea died down and I was able to interpret for a few of the women's testimony, and then for fourty-five minutes I interpreted for a deaf-blind man named Roy. He was a sweetheart, and told me his conversion story. Can I just say- I love interpreting! It is something that I have really started to enjoy on my mission. Especially for deaf-blind people. I think it was adorable- after the fireside, Elder Rainey had to do something so he handed Roy to me. Straight away from touching my hands, he smiled and signed, "Sister Allred! I missed you!" It was so precious, he recognized me from my hands alone! I felt the significance of that moment teaching me a lesson. Who's hands would I recognize? Definitely my parents, and probably my sibling's. However, just by touch I don't think I would be able to for anyone else. Then I thought of our Savior, and how important it is to recognize His hands in our life. I have been thinking a lot about it, and I think that will be a new goal for me to do.

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