Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sorry about this being really short, I felt bad last week about not being able to reply to everyone so it cut out time for this letter!
So this week was wonderful. We had a lot of great lessons, and put Margi on date for Dec 6th! The biggest thing is that we want her just to consider baptism. She is having a difficulty with the Word of Wisdom, but that will come with time.

Also, last night was the last Member Missionary Fireside I could go to! I drove with Jamie, Joseph and Aubrey, who are members in our Ward. They are just fantastic, and Jamie is such a great Ward Missionary. So we got there a tidge late, but I walked in the back and saw Sister Wawro up on the stand. I was looking to see if I was needed for ASL interpretation (nope!) and went back into the hallway where I saw Arnold! It was so great to talk with him, and the sweetheart made me my favorite cookies :) Then, I turned and Makaela was running towards me! I just hugged her and bawled. Even just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. She is so incredible, and has her answer that the Church is true. She is sharing the gospel with her parents, and might be baptized on the 29th. I am sad that I cannot be there, but what is important is that she knows! Chris was also such a sweetheart and brought Makaela here, even though he had a test the next day. He is so great! Because of their test they had to leave the fireside early, and so about 20 min till the end I thought I heard someone whisper "Sister Allred!" so I turned around and saw Justin! Justin was a Ward Missionary from the SYSA 2nd Ward, and my whole face just lit up! It was so great to see him again. I loved seeing all of these people again, I love them so much!
Funny Moment: In the car ride back last night, Sister Sim was quoting The Titanic, "Come back!

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