Sunday, October 6, 2013

Surprise Everyone! I get to email one more time before I left for Idaho! 

This week has just been wonderful. I got to talk on the phone to my mission president from Idaho this week, President Brinkerhoff (sp?), and I found out some pretty cool stuff! The first thing he asked me is if I could train, and I was just like...." Uhhhhh.." haha! I am past the 12 week training program, but having never been to any of the normal functions that missionaries do with member, I asked if I could get a transfer to settle in. He laughed and said sure, so that was a little "Whew!" moment right there! 
The next really cool thing (that I did not even think about) is that there is a Visitor's Center in the Pocatello, Idaho Mission for the Idaho Falls Temple! I feel kind of funny because in the MTC I was in the same class with two girls who were going there, but it did not even cross my mind. President Brinkerhoff asked me if I would like to serve there part of the time when I was in Idaho for six months, and I gave a very enthusiastic, "Yes please!". Who else gets to serve in two different Visitor Centers of their missions?! So it looks like I will be able to be there at least one transfer during my Outbound. There Visitor's Center is also pretty unique too; it is not as big as Nauvoo or Temple Square, so half of the day they serve in the Visitor's Center, and the other half they proselyte. 

This week has been pretty wonderful. I feel like I have been able to help a lot of people, and to still be of use even though I only have two days left. We were able to have some of our investigators here in Nauvoo watch yesterday's sessions of General Conference with us! How great were they by the way?! It all kicked off with a talk about what General Conference is, and what to do during General Conference, President Uchtdorf pretty much saying, "Join us, there is a place for you here!", and then Elder Ballard talking about member missionary work. I love his challenge of each person reaching out to one person from now until Christmas. I would love for everyone at home to try to do that. Sometimes there are not a lot of people in your area that you would think "need" the gospel, but if you take it to the Lord in prayer, he will bring it to your mind. Something that I have loved doing is working with less-active members of the church. We will get referrals for them from loving friends and family members, and I can just call them up and talk to them. As we get to know more about their lives, you really can build some great relationships and help bring them back. They won't feel like charity cases if you just do it with love they know that you really do care about them. I have been able to talk with this girl from Peoria, IL who is working in an elementary school. I have loved getting to know her, and because she could really tell that I cared about her, she responded well to me inviting her back to church. All these people need to know is that you care. 

One of my favorite examples of this from Conference is Elder Bednar's talk on tithing. First off- best talk I have ever heard about that. It was wonderful! The main part that stuck out to me though was when he addressed those who are currently not paying their tithing. He asked those people to repent, and to change. However, his manner in which he addressed the member of the church was not chastising, or condescending. He said it so lovingly, and you could tell that he cared about the members of the church paying tithing because it will bring blessings into their lives. I want to be able to help people like that- tell them what's up, but be so loving that they know I am saying it because I care about them.

Anyways, that's all I have time for, but I love you all!

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