Monday, November 11, 2013

Sorry, I realized as I sent that last email off that I forgot to include some answers to questions people asked me!

So Halloween as a Missionary was a lot of fun. We were not allowed to be out and about on Halloween night because of issues they have had before. It all involves pranks, sometimes Missionaries pull pranks, or people like to pull pranks on us, or people like to blame us for pranks too!  So to keep everyone safe, (and in the Elder's case out of trouble), we were on "lockdown" on Halloween. We could be out and proselyte until six, then our whole Zone went to a church building and watched movies. Apparently on Halloween and New Years Eve, we get to watch Disney Movies! Some Elders watched Nacho Libre (it was approved by the Mission President), but my companion and I watched Monsters University. It was so cute! I loved it :) One of the other Sisters had an awesome Relief Society President, and she brought Pizza and treats for all of us! It was so much fun to be with all of the other Missionaries too. Really when you are out on your mission, your entire support system from home is gone. No friends, or family, so other Missionaries are who you rely on. As a result we are all pretty close in our Zone, which is about 8 companionships. 

So I am over four wards, and we try to go to one meeting of each ward, each Sunday. One of our Wards starts at 9, so we try to go to that Sacrament Meeting. The other three Wards start at 11, so we try to go to one of their Sacrament Meetings, the other's Sunday School, and the last's Relief Society. It can be pretty hectic because we also try to make it to as many Ward Councils as we can, and Sunday is definitely our busiest day of the week!

Well, I hope you guys are doing well! Love you! 

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