Monday, November 11, 2013

Well this week has been full of changes! I went on an exchange on Wednesday with my Sister Training Leader, who is like a Zone Leader for just Sister Missionaries. Her name is Sister Woods, and is from England. She was so fun to be with, and I definitely learned a lot. 
This week has been a success in our initiative in involving the members! We met with the Ward Mission Leader and the Bishop in one of our wards, and have created a structure that will involve the Ward Missionaries in Reactivation and Retention. We have all of the Non-Members and Inactive Families that live within the Ward Boundaries assigned to categories of Once per Week, Two Weeks, and Month. Our Ward Missionaries have one person from each category assigned to them, and they will report on their visits during our weekly Missionary Correlation Meetings. Something that I am very excited for though, is that each Priest and Laurel aged Youth have been extended the calling of a Youth Ward Missionary. Their responsibilities include going with the other Ward Missionaries and visiting these people. We are also going to have the Family History Consultants train these Youth Ward Missionaries in how to use Family History as a retention and reactivation tool. These youth will be able to use that to aid them in their missionary work, and will hopefully gain an enthusiasm for serving a mission. We are also thinking about having a monthly section of Preach My Gospel that these Ward Missionaries will focus on and study. I am very excited to see how this will turn out, and the impact it will have on the youth. 
I also am excited to start working with our other wards and instigate a similar initiative; we have several meetings already planned for two of our other wards.
Right now what we are trying to deal with is not having a car when winter is coming. We can do quite a bit of walking now, but when winter comes and we are stuck in a blizzard, we will need a car! My area is a little bit of the town, but two of our four wards live outside city limits, and they are all sub-divisions that are spread out all over creation. I have not even been to see some people because they live so far away, and with how everything is set up there is no direct route. I kind of think our area is a maze; even though it is only nine square miles, there is no way to get anywhere! Haha! We are trying to get the members more involved with giving rides, but we know it will take a lot of planning on our part. So far so good, but we need to improve. That is something I definitely have learned when I have been out on my mission is how necessary it is to have goals and to plan things out. 
I can now say that I have been cold in my life. Man, when the wind blows here, it blows! From now on, I pretty much will be dressed like it is snowing outside, even if it isn't, just because I need to keep warm! I am now really glad I brought so many scarves! 
My finger is doing alright, just slowly and surely healing. I think I may have used it a little too much this last week, so I will try to rest it so it can heal! 
I love you all, and I am doing really well :) I hope that you guys feel my love, even if I am all the way over here in Rigby! 
Love you, Sister Allred

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