Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wow! Well this last week went by super fast, and I wish I had more to write.... But I guess what you get is what we have!

So on Tuesday and Wednesday we received more training from Brother Lusvardi and Sister Cottam that were here from Church Headquarters. It was so wonderful to get some new insights into Visitor's Center work! I have a passion for the work that missionaries can do in Visitor's Centers, and while I wish I could do it more often instead of just the occasional Sunday in the Nauvoo VC, I am grateful for my time to be in Carthage. Transfers are this Thursday, so we will find out if I am staying or leaving!
I am also so grateful for my companion, Sister Morales. She is just a joy, and is so good to me. It has been so fun to see her grow on her Mission, and good news everyone: I have gotten over my aversion to Training! Yay! Haha which is good, considering Sister Morales is probably the last Missionary I will Train, so it is always good to end on a high note! She has such a talent with being able to discern the Spirit, and always teaching to people's needs.

This week, we were able to have a "Girl's Night" with Sister Gibbons, the Mission President's wife. She is so wonderful, and full of advice for us! I also think that is is such an opportunity to be able to see marriages and to have all of the missionaries learn what we need to have! I love it, because the more I am around my leaders, I feel like I have more direction for my life. Going on a Mission has been the best thing for me, and now I feel like I can take on the world! 

This Sunday, all of the Young Sister Missionaries participated/presented a Sociable. A Sociable is an old-fashioned word for a Fireside pretty much, and our Sociable was centered around the Atonement.

All of the Sisters came up with on their own on what they were going to do. Some sang, some danced, and others told stories. When I prayed about it, I felt like I should speak about the Power of the Atonement, and maybe use the scriptures. I have been practicing, studying, and preparing for about a month for the time when I would present this to the Mission, and felt decently prepared. I was trying to create something on how the Missionaries could utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their life by using examples and stories in the scriptures. Everything was going great, until the night of the Dress Rehearsal on Saturday. Well, I went up, and gave my little talk, and sat down. I felt like it was good, but not good enough. I felt like Heavenly Father wanted me to do something a little bit more, and I was not quite there. So, I gave a silent prayer in my heart and I got my answer. I had the very strong impression that I needed to share MY story, of how I have used the Strengthening Power of the Atonement in my life. Of course, this relates to when Parker passed away last February. I really did not want to, because my story is just attached to heartstrings, but I was so overcome that silent tears streamed down my face, and I knew I had to do it. That whole next day, I prepared and asked Heavenly Father to help me say what He wanted me to.
On Sunday night, I really hope that I said what Heavenly Father needed me to. I talked about the pattern of how we utilize the Atonement is through fervent and frequent prayer to our Father in Heaven. I told my experience with prayer, and being able to receive comfort in my time of grief. Luckily, Heavenly Father kept my tears back, and I hope that what I shared was able to edify the hearts and minds of the listeners. 

Also, something cool this week is that I now will be interpreting Church for a deaf investigator in Nauvoo! It is pretty exciting and I am thrilled to be able to have solid interaction with someone and help her learn the Gospel.

I love you all, and I hope you are having a great week!

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