Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello Everybody!
So, the reason why I am now emailing on Monday is because Transfers were this week! Now, for the next six weeks my assigned Preparation Day is Monday, and also some other big changes happened. 

I got transferred from Carthage to go back to Nauvoo! Yahoo! Now don't get me wrong, Carthage is WONDERFUL but I really do enjoy serving more in Nauvoo than in the Jail. In Nauvoo, I really get to teach to people's needs, and every tour is very, very different. In Carthage, you can kind of teach to people's needs, but it needs to be like 90% the tour and 10% their needs, as opposed to the Nauvoo Visitor's Center which is 100% guided by the spirit to help the people with their needs. I just love it!

Also, I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Russell, and she is from Joplin, Missouri. She is just fantastic, and I will be second-half training her. So, it looks like my time in the 12-Week Training Program are not over! To add to our joy, is that we are actually cramming in all twelve weeks into six weeks, so that she will be completely done with Training at the end of this Transfer. Haha it might be a bit crazy, but it makes fro some really great study sessions! The Spirit is super powerful because Heavenly Father knows we need to go over a lot of stuff, in depth, in half the time, and do it well. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father being so aware of all the little details in our lives, and giving us blessings to help us!

Something that is really fun, is that Sister Russell's family is actually visiting us here this week in Nauvoo, so we get to spend some time with them! It will be pretty great because we get to do a lot of things with them, and they are a lot of fun. Her family is set up just like mine, two girls then two boys, and Sister Russell is the second girl too! Sister Russell is very similar to me- personality wise, but in a lot of things she is very different. She is the very cute, cowgirl western type who's favorite type of car is a truck. Whenever we go anywhere, she always points out the cool things on the trucks that pass us!

Also, this story is just too great. So, Sister Russell's family came on Saturday, but they did not actually know where we were going to be. We were at the Heber C. Kimball Home that day, rockin' the Pioneer dresses and everything. It was pretty cold inside the house, and so we decided to sit outside on the benches. We were just sitting there, studying Preach My Gospel when all of the sudden I hear this loud diesel engine. I look up and Sister Russell is going NUTS because she sees two, totally tricked out trucks going down the street next to us. Now when I say tricked out, I mean tricked out! Like, they are super tall, have these intense studded tires, really cool lights on the back an on the front..... (do you like my total city-girl attempt to describe what they looked like?) The best part is- let me paint the picture for you. This street that they are going down is pretty small, with little brick homes on each side, with little flower beds, and the grass is super green, almost looks like something out of a book, and here are these two huge trucks going down these itty bitty lane, and two girls come out of a house, both wearing Pioneer dresses and waving like crazy trying to get the driver's attention. It was pretty funny, and it was such a sweet reunion. They are a really fun family, and I am excited to spend some time with them!

So, that is about all for this week - had to cut email time short because we are going to hang out with Sister Russell's family today on P-day, but I love you all!

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