Sunday, June 29, 2014

This week has added to my testimony that the Lord truly is preparing those to receive his word. We met several wonderful people on Chat, and have been able to be a part of their conversion process! It has been wonderful, but then again wonderfully frustrating because Nauvoo's internet and phones have been freaking out for a while. Overall though, the pro's outweigh the cons and we are able to make a real difference.

One of the most remarkable was my experience this last Saturday. I had an amazing chat with this guy from England. It lasted over three hours- quite the contrast to the normal 5-7 minute conversations you have on Chat. During those three hours, we went over a lot. At first I could tell he was not taking this seriously, but what changed the entire feel of the chat was when I was able to share a little bit of myself with him.
First off, to explain, on Chat we go by our first names, and so my display name is Madison. He made some comment about how he knew that was not my real name, which kind of irked me because I actually really like my name. So, I told him that my name truly was Madison Allred, and sent him to to look at my profile. I told him it had my name, a little bit about me, and even a picture! So, he took a sec to get on there, and I could tell he was changed by hearing my story. His attitude completely changed, and we talked about A LOT. Enough to fill up the next two hours, of each of us giving experiences, and opening up to each other. The only way I can describe it, is that it was beautiful. Tears were streaming down my face at one time, and they were down his as well. He experienced a total change of heart, when of course, the internet disconnected on my end and it almost felt like it was ripping out my own heart. I know though that the Lord will take care of him, and I would like to share a section of the chat with you all. Because this conversation was so special to me, I copied and pasted it down, and so now I can include part of it with you. Just so you know, we were talking about how God can heal our wounds, and compared it so stubbing or seriously injuring our toes:

"Me: So Parker died in February last year, and I came on my Mission in June of last year. So, for part of the day I am here, on the phone or on chat, and I was asked to call a lady that had recently lost her husband
Me: she was really struggling, and needed help. I tried calling her, but the service was really bad, she was out in the boonies in Texas, and I could not hear her very well at all. I wanted to help her so much, because I could relate. So, I said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father and asked how I could help her. Then, the story in the Bible, that talks about the woman with the issue of blood came to my mind. I remembered that it was by her faith that she was made whole. I wanted to share that with the lady, in the exact way, so I opened the scriptures, and I read the line, 'Thy faith hath made thee whole". The Holy Ghost entered into my heart so suddenly, and told me that because of my faith, and as I continued to have faith, I could be made whole
Me: it was something that I needed, that I really did not even realize that I wanted. It was the question to my unsaid prayer, and it has guided me. I know that with my faith, I can be lead to be an even greater person, and because I am truly happy because of what I know, I want to share that with others. Seriously, some days I am sooo happy I just want to hug everyone. I am already a hugger, so it is a lot!
Me: So that is my story that came to mind when you talked about the severed toe, because I know that by your faith, no matter how small, you can be made whole. We just need the faith to go through with the surgery, go to God, and have him help us. Now while it is healing, it might be tender, and have a little pain, but with time and attention we can feel brand new.... because I do"
The miracle of the day, is right after I shared this experience with him, he told me that earlier that day, he had opened up his Bible for the first time in years, and had opened it up randomly to that same story. Heavenly Father is in the details, and in the little things. I know that with every fiber of my being, that Heavenly Father is so aware of us, and Christ has borne our griefs and sorrows.

On Wednesday, we had a Training on the principle of Harmony. The Mission Doctor, Elder Udall and his wife gave it, and it was beautifully done. They explained the principle from a musical point of view, and then applied it to essentially everything else in the world. It opened up my eyes, and connected a lot of different things in my view. Surprisingly, I think I will look back at that Training as one of the moments in my life that changed my point of view.
Friday was a really fun day! The Taylors, which are a senior couple who hail from Pocatello, ID, had all of the Young Sister Missionaries over for dinner. The Taylors are in charge of the Nauvoo Pageant, and kind of did this as a kick off for the start of the busy season. After dinner, we went to the Visitor's Center and watched "Emma: My Story" on the big screen. What an incredible movie! My favorite quote was "You don't have strength, you find it"
Other items of the week.......
-Served in the Sarah Granger Kimball Home on Wednesday! Every time I serve there, the more impressed I am with her example of being an incredible woman and servant of the Lord!
-On Thursday we had a skype training from Sister Cottam who works in the Missionary Department. What was funny, is that the only person in a room full of 20 something women and our mission President who knew how to work skype was me! Also, in the Training they asked for an example of someone we taught online. Sister Russell shared an experience we had with one of our investigators, Buckley. The person on the other end said, "Now with you experience with Buckwheat.." and did not realize that he said the name wrong. President Gibbons and his wife were silently laughing with tears down their faces for the next five minutes!

-Here are a few wonderful quotes that were given in Church yesterday:

"Sadness, disappointment and severe challenge are events in life, not life itself"- Richard G. Scott
" Be a cork, When submerged in a problem, bob up to the surface, ready to serve with happiness"- Richard G. Scott

-On Sunday, I went back to serve in Carthage for the day! It was wonderful, and close to 400 people were there! It was very, very busy, and wonderfully spiritual.

I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

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