Sunday, June 29, 2014

This week has been great but crazy stressful. When I think back through all that has happened, I just thank Heavenly Father for strengthening me and helping me to see others through His eyes. I will always be grateful for these opportunities to learn so much in such a short time!

This week we had a really cool opportunity to help out with an archaeological dig in the area of Nauvoo that is owned by the Community of Christ (RLDS) Church. It is a project called iDig Nauvoo. Every year in June, volunteers can come and help find artifacts left by those who used to live here. Once the entire area has been searched through two feet down, then they can rebuild the home and use those artifacts they found. This year's dig is Joseph Smith Senior and Lucy Mack Smith's property. This site in particular is very important because in their home, Joseph Smith Senior gave a lot of Patriarchal Blessings, and had a lot of important meetings in their home. So, to start the dig they found where the house was supposed to be, and created little plots to have us go and dig through. I found a lot of pottery, glass, and brick! It was really cool to find these things that were owned by the Prophet's parents, and to be able to experience this history.

This week has been wonderful for the work. Sister Russell and I had an experience on Chat with a lady named Margo. She came on, and started to talk about the lady who started the online website titled, "Ordain Women". Margo was rather upset that the Church has warned the Ordain Women lady that she might be excommunicated if she continues with this push. Margo initially sounded like a non-member, but after talking to her for a while I had the impression that she actually was a member. We talked more, and with the guidance of the Spirit I helped her realize her main concern. She did not know for herself whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. I left her with a commitment, and have been keeping in contact with her. The more I teach, the more and more I realize that almost every concern can be related back to the questions of not knowing if the Book of Mormon is true, or knowing the God is their loving Father in Heaven. It truly is inspired that one of those is the first principles that we teach, and also have an entire Chapter in Preach My Gospel focused on the Book of Mormon.

On Saturday I went on an Exchange with Sister Hall. We were assigned to Pioneer Pastimes, which is a place that kids can come and try on Pioneer clothes and play games from that time period. Most of the time, our job is just to make sure that nothing gets lost, and to count who comes into the site. On really hot days, we can sit underneath a big, shady tree in rocking chairs and just chat and try not to melt. Truly though, the only reason why Young Sister Missionaries ever get assigned to Pioneer Pastimes is as a service to the Seniors, so they they do not melt in the heat- so it is worth it. I would rather I feel gross than a sweet granny :) Saturday was one of those hot, summer days on the Mississippi and Sister Hall and I got a good time to catch up and use my little fan to try to cool ourselves off. It was really cute though- about 3 pm a little seven year old girl missing two front teeth in a long purple dress just walked up to us and asked us, "Well, what is there to do over here?" I just laughed and to give her something to do, I let her play with my little fan. It actually was kind of funny because she was obsessed with spraying Sister Hall with the water, and helping her cool off. I think what added to the hilarity is that Sister Hall always looks very put together and did not want water to wash off her make up. She took it like a champ though and took all of the times Caroline lovingly sprayed her :) Then, Caroline's sisters saw the fun and came over to us, so I initiated a game of "Ring Around the Rosie" and "Duck, Duck, Goose!". It was really funny to play with the kids, and you never realize how much you miss it until you get in a situation when you have not been allowed to hold or rough house with kids for a year! Luckily though, at Pioneer Pastimes you can run around with them and when they get tired, hand them off to their parents :) So, Saturday was definitely a highlight of me week, because I got to play with four darling little girls!

I hope that all of you are doing well, and that the Lord is watching over you and protecting you! Love ya!

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